Mogilev: human rights in the committee, which holds the key bullpen

Not counting the representative of the human rights center in Mogilev commission included members 7 more public associations, providing legal citizens and legal services. Viktor Sidorenko says:
Sidorenko: "The purpose of our role in the Commission — public control over the strict observance of the rights of prisoners in imprisonment. , We hope that our role will allow the Commission to make a closed regime institutions more open to society. Our center has developed projects and programs from the provisions of Commission activities. Commission members suggested me to be the manager, but the head of the justice department said that the head, according to the summary, the right to appoint. "
Justice council on offer to head the commission approved the chairman Shklovsky military-patriotic club "Search" Sergei Kirylkina.
Mogilev Rights Center along with the Belarusian Helsinki Committee from 1999 intensively acts among inmates. At the request of the administration Shklou Colony defenders than once staged legal advice to prisoners. In libraries prisons and colonies Mogilev defenders handed books, booklets, brochures, texts of international treaties, agreements, declarations ratified Republic of Belarus.
It is worth recalling that in Shklou colony sits favorite unregistered "Junior Front"Dashkevich. Ibid serving their sentences last Mogilev control Philharmonic, the organizer of the festival" Golden Hit "yes Vladimir Brailovskaya last head of the Belarusian television Egor Rybakov.
Not counting Shklou colony in Mogilev region bullpen has Mogilev, Bobruisk, Gorki. Mogilev, Bobruisk region and districts located so called "Chemists." Mogilev "chemistry" serving Artur Finkevich.

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