Mogilev: U.S. citizens threatened by an administrative penalty

In the department of public relations of the regional police confirmed that on February 9 detained American people. Their report was drawn up under Article 185 of the Administrative Code — "Violation of rightsyl stay of foreign people Republic of Belarus"And released.
Americans are in Mogilev for about a month. Invited them here charity association "Stefan" for the sake of free workshops British study of language. Pastor 1st of prayer houses of the town gave room for classes. South American teacher says:
Teacher: "The pastor of this church when I was in America, lived with us — and we became his family. We are great friends, and he allowed to use the building for free. We got our visas from the organization to deal with these issues, — and they spoke, that we can then teach the British language. "
In the education department of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee noted that South American citizens are not have the right to teach — in their did not have permission. Although employee education department confirmed that they applied for a permit.
Employee Management Education: "But they were encouraged to apply to the Ministry of Education, because the issue is in the competence of the body of the municipal government."
According to the manager of the charity organization "Stefan" Dmitry Kantsavenka, the reason for such appeal with South American citizens was the Tipo their religious activities in Mogilev.
Kantsavenka "religious activities Tipo they’re doing, although the CRA read them that no religious activity was not here."
If the Yankees impose administrative penalties, Dmitry Kantsavenka going to appeal, and will seek to complete all administrative actions regarding its guests. Under the Administrative Code, South American nationals threatened warning or fine of up to 20 small units.

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