Monument of architecture — the victim Dozhinki

This is not the first urban feature that has become a victim of preparation for today’s "Dazhynak."
The former tavern to the nearest time worked — it was a building house urban crafts. About 2 months back the staff was ordered to move out.

Yuri Koptik Now shutters former inn, which now will be except that exhibits local history museum, historian helps Orsha.
Yuri Koptik
"In Orsha another historic event: the next demolished monument of wooden architecture — a former tavern down the street Proletarian, 12. Orsha he needed, but Orsha administration does not need it.
So makarom, to "Dozhinki" already second dozen monuments demolished. In this sad row — and Privokzalny hotel, built in the early 20 century on Dzerzhinsky Street, and wood building station School in 1905, carried away by the construction of a "Dozhinki" new bus station.

According to the views of Orsha historian, money spent on paving slabs and asphalt, could would bring the restoration of historic buildings. Because once made under "Dozhinki" in Shklou, adrestavravavshy town hall and market square.

In general, in Orsha were willing to invest in the restoration of the inn’s own and not municipal funds. So, Orsha businessman Nicholas Sinjakov offered to make it a modern enterprise of public power can be in the public style. But local authorities permission was not given: almost few days after, as representatives of the public and history buffs addressed to the chairman executive committee, that still keep the construction value, was ordered to prepare a monument of architecture for demolition. Tags:, monument, Orsha, Dozhinki

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