More signatures gathered in Minsk and Profound

The greatest number of signatures collected one challenger — 4000. Were two favorites: Jaroslav Bernikovich of BPF and Vladimir Nistuk with the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk).
Bernikovich intention to run for parliament in Glubokoe constituency. Now into his deepest arrived deputy chairman Alexei Yanukevich. It comes in the active group Yaroslav Bernikovich. Yanukevich explains the success of his own comrades as follows:
"Of course, that there company goes perfectly largely due to the fact people has long been aware of Yaroslav. He is not the first time here stands out. Business, the Group operates very good. And a lot of signatures collected in pickets — on the market in other crowded places. People subscribe massively and very willing. "
Deputy Chairman of the BPF added in a piggy bank colleagues personally collected 18 signatures:
"I believe that over half it is very the usual result. Considering that very many people signed to Profound. Very many voters met that I had read that already subscribed for Bernikovich. "
Vladimir Nistuk are running in Minsk Masjukovshina. He is collecting signatures in his support as part of their own business, the Group is permitted electoral legislation. And what memories he has of This process:
"Humans are very interested in a lot. Applets But not the candidate, but what it did for the people: he came from, who his ancestors who his kids, he was an entrepreneur, or a politician, or a teacher, or someone else. Briefly, interested person.
People do not react at the party — not interested. I, for example, do not hide that I am a member of the party. But I do not party nominates. I put forward by voters through the collection of signatures. "
In this same environment are going to run and other representatives of the opposition. Sovereign Nistuk says about their own possible competitors as follows:
"Dennis Sadowski Group of United Democratic Forces works very well. We with her a couple of times already crossed. But we have a pretty severe understanding, because everyone is doing their job. While we did not come to any discussion because passionate technical business — collection signatures. And as I know — but we have never encountered — from the European coalition in this constituency is Tatiana Mironova. "
Before the end of the step of collecting signatures is negligible time. No later than August 18 potential candidates must pass in the county commission signatures collected in his support.

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