Moscow Minsk involves a conflict with the West

According to Prikhodko, Medvedev and Alexander Lukashenko agreed on the agreement at this meeting in Sochi. In Belarus this occasion expressed nastsyaroga that Moscow wants Minsk to draw its confrontation with the West.
Sergei Prikhodko said that the intergovernmental agreement on a unified air defense system to sign in Moscow. This will happen at the meeting of the Municipal Council of the Supreme.
Minsk political analyst Andrei Fedorov believes single system — Kremlin response to the likely deployment in Poland and the Czech part of the American defense:
"I believe Our homeland that still squeezed this agreement with the Belarusian government. And that was not mentioned (in public anyway) on gas prices, this is not the case. It may be safe to the Russian side. Agreement has not yet been signed. And if all of a sudden some reason it goes wrong, we will have no concessions in prices. This is a warning, that Belarus does not unscrew. "
Fedorov also notes:
"Enjoy here, of course, no. But I think that Actually to Russian military confrontation with the West will not come. And because it will razagravanne anti-Western sentiment, basically — in Russia and the least — in Belarus ".
During a meeting in Sochi, Alexander Lukashenko stated that military action in the Caucasus confirm the need for "action challenging" country within the Union of Belarus and Russia. "Time ordinary actions and decisions completed," — said the president of Belarus.
"I wish to thank you for the wisdom you have shown during anger adjacent country — said Alexander Lukashenko. — I do not think it is necessary here somehow intermeddle in this conflict and read on, see that what the Russians are either sos … All was manufactured excellent, very quiet, wise and beautiful. "
During the meeting, Dmitry Medvedev said that the economic affairs of the Russian Federation and Belarus are developing steadily and trade turnover between the countries at the end of the year may exceed 30 billion dollars.
According to the views of the former Minister of Foreign Economic Relations of Belarus Misha Marinich economic relationship between With 2 countries every year becoming more suitable for RF and worst Belarus. Marynitch explains it this way:
"We have a bill economy, invoice creation. They require a lot of energy. And because we are obliged to take them abroad, in Russia. Prices for oil, gas, metals constantly grow.
For RF this situation very profitable. Backyard neighbor has a high cost creature. And not in vain, as the deficit in the trade of Belarus with Russia is constantly increasing. And if not for Russian loans, we will, I fear, in general may already be in the pit. Approximately 70% of the loans, which gained Belarus — from Russia.
Besides Belarus uniformly loses Russian market. And it happens not as Presidents 2-states are friends or not friends. Economic laws. Inhabitants of, for example, are increasingly taking shall be removed Belarusian refrigerators and televisions. After all, the same Japanese or Korean take even less electricity, and the prices are not much different. They scamper on energy-saving technologies. Because all the household appliances is now available and malavydatkovaya that before the use of energy. "

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