Moscow refused to focus on pro-Russian politicians in the CIS …

Karbalevich: "Vladimir Putin said that the transition to market relations with its neighbors, even with those with whom Russia bind Allied Matters — a strategic line of Russian policy. Moreover, the Russian leader forcefully emphasized that this transition takes place gently stretched over four years . How do you comment on that? "
Koktyish: "This strategic line began after the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. After her Moscow rejected the idea of a pro-Russian orientation elite in the CIS countries. Indeed, this" praraseyskasts "was a means of extracting money from Moscow, but nothing in return guaranteed. Because at the moment our birthplace focuses not on the pro-Russian, and responsible elites who might be responsible partners with whom could to work on transparent mutually beneficial basis. But the case with Belarus and Ukraine will always be for Russia in a separate place. They to be more dense and friendly. "
Fedorov: "It seems that this brand-new strategic line of RF compulsory. Indeed, many years Moscow subsidized adjacent countries and hoped that they would consider Russian" elder brother. "But this did not happen. Because during the Putin Moscow defected to the New Deal.
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