Mostovdrev: reduced work week

Deputy director of the company ideology Ivan Belida states that the company is currently for managerial staff compiled a new schedule — say, all under the law.
According to him, the reason for such innovations in external factors.
Belida: "The crisis, bad bought our products abroad."
Reporter: "And where you aimed exports?"
Belida: "It’s 50 to 50. Precisely, half of the West and the other in Russia and the CIS countries."
Reporter: "And where presently there problems with the sale — in the West or in the CIS?"
Belida: "Worse was in the West, because there fell prices for our products and have the following problems with its sales."
I should add that in Western countries "Mostovdrev" more plywood exports.
I asked the 1st of the managers of the enterprise, as he and his colleagues have apprehended four-day working week.
Victor: "Well, are paper, so we signed them, ask, agree or disagree. Certainly, fear, they say, that no later stated that he did not agree. Against all but fear something read and silent sign."
Emperor Victor says that at the moment, after the introduction of a new work schedule, they continue to work 5 days, but the wages they are promised only by two-thirds.
Victor: "Well, that is two-thirds of earnings? Prize at all. On average, our salary — 670 thousand, it appears that we do not get half a million …"
Emperor Victor says that to find a job in a small town is problematic, because people try to keep what they have.
Victor: "All great places have long occupied. And now — even street sweeping, and you will not find the place."

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