Municipal universities tear more personal

During this year price of commercial training at leading universities in Belarus increased a couple of times. Favorite in this race — the Belarusian Municipal Institute. On the most relevant training faculties of BSU price exceeded two thousand dollars a year. Another huge tariffs determined for schools honey profile. Training at the Dental Faculty of the Belarusian Institute of municipal medical approaches to 3 thousand dollars a year.
With all of this budget reduced fraction of seats in municipal universities.
2-3 thousand dollars for training — is not the limit
Admission runs on cheap department of higher education. Prior to August 1 for those who are not lucky, there is still a chance to enter a paid form of training. But this year, prices crept inexorably upward. How much higher education and why prices jumped again?
Most highest prices for education in Minsk
The Belarusian Institute of municipal some of the biggest price faculties such as law, economics, international relations, journalism — to 4116600 rubles.
Belarusian State Technical Institute, the most expensive education — engineering faculty: 3.2 million rubles (in the last academic wasof 2920220 rubles). For example, for the tractor faculty at the School of Management and Entrepreneurship, on the engineering faculty training will cost 3 million rubles. Lower price — 2850000 rubles — for mechanical and Technology, and several other departments.
In the Minsk municipal linguistic institute all specialties — at 3248000 rubles.
The highest price — Belorussian municipal medical institute. The most expensive specialty here — stamatalegiya — worth 5.7 million rubles.
Price of education 1st year students of full-time training Belarusian Municipal Institute

Kozulin, "Lukashenko repeats the experience of Stalin"

During a televised address to his own voters in February 2006 presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin sharply criticized the reforms initiated by the Ministry of Education with the filing of control of the country. Among other longtime manager BSU was that nedavneshny flagship higher school converted into a commercial establishment where you can get an education just for the money.
"Belarusian universities remained at the level of Russian"
Certified in the past year for their political activities with 4 courses of the Academy of Management under the President Yuri Oleynik currently enrolled on the basis of economical in the municipal institute "Higher School of Economics" in Moscow. Diplomas Same Higher School of Economics have the highest quotation in Europe, while the Belarusian — for internal use only and are not recognized even in Russia.
Higher education is becoming more commercial

Specialists portend a drastic increase in prices Belarusian universities next year, when the manifest costs minimized educational reform.
The average price of training in Lithuania ranges from 1,500 to 2,000 euros

In the municipal educational institutions, municipal institutions, students must pay tuition if their academic performance is insufficient. This decision whenever accept student consulate.
In Ukraine, the price of tuition is for one year from 600 to 3600 bucks. In Russia, the spread between the prices of essential learning more about 1500 dollars a year in the provincial high school until 5000 — 6000 thousand dollars a year in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the more popular universities on certain faculties charge even higher: for example, the law faculty of Moscow University student will cost almost 10 thousand dollars a year, and the Higher School of Economics — 15 thousand dollars a year. Tags: training

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