Names of Liberty: Janka Heniyush

The first time came to Larissa Heniyush in Zelva her husband Vanya I’m not surprised. Grandma, we love and for the sake of secrecy called poet and citizen BNR told me after Yankov death every day walked to his grave to talk or just be alone with him, and at one point felt that neitherthen there are no longer just the cool earth, and later peravedvala treasures days are exclusively established folk tradition.
But she recalled spouse during my every pagastsinav because for a long time before the release of her "Confessions" I knew a lot about Janke: and his training in medical faculty of Charles University in Prague (recommendation for the scholarship gave himself Bronislaw Taraszkiewicz), and about their marriage in 1935 in Belarus, and happy, and later troubled years, lived in the Czech capital … Of these stories rose personality diverse, contradictory, but certainly worthy of memory not only relatives.
Uncle Vanya was not just a spouse Larissa Heniyush as someone appears. It was he who first gave her Belarusian books, read their own poems called Kupala, opened her eyes to our story … Go through life with such a lady, too, was typical of a feat which not everyone is capable.
Larissa Antonovna a Christian just awful mistake made at the end of the war, when the husband decided to stay in Prague, believing that Czechoslovakia will continue beyond the state. This misconception was worth Larissa Jahnke and concentration camps for 25 years each, worth parting with some offspring, inhuman abuse, particularly painful for them, ordinary people have to the European norms and freedoms.
He was a good doctor, that could assure his Czech patients and unhealthy Zelva Polyclinic, where the authorities of the former Gulag prisoner humiliated by not recognizing foreign Wan diploma. "At least some way my husband and I required to be very cautious, "- wrote Mrs. Larissa. When Ivan became ill seriously," benefactors "spread the rumor as if he had already died, and the house started coming Heniyush people with mourning wreaths.
He died at the hands of the couple. Larissa Antonovna it myself soap and dressed. "Buried with tears, quietly, without fervent speeches. Not everything was fine, but not about this … it brought me 33 rubles 75 kopecks pension" — recorded in his memoirs, Mrs. Larisa.

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