Names of Liberty: Janka Lucina (6.7.1851-16.7.1897)

That may force Belarusiansfeel offspring of this particular land, the heir of its history, language, responsible for its future? Each had its own way to Belarus and belarushchyny. If we talk about my co-writers, then 1st it all started with my grandmother’s demands for the boy almost incomprehensible urban language. The other — of donated him vasmiklyasniku, the novel by Vladimir Karatkevich "Spikes under thy sickle," which my friend for a long time did not open, so anecdotal read books about mechanics. One girl began writing great poetry through tears litsezrev as in 1995 from Government House filmed chase.
About 100 years ago Hereditary Minsker, gentleman, a graduate of the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology, an engineer and a little poet, creator of several, as he read "vershapletnyh undertakings" in the Russian and Polish Jan Nesluhovskogo bought one day ticket at the City Theatre. On its stage then toured nomadic troupe luminary Ukrainian playwright, director and actor Misha Staritskogo.
Parted the curtain and the stage instead of the usual raseyshchyny poured alive Ukrainian language. That evening made on Nesluhovskogo colossal memory, turning him into a Belarusian poet Yanka Luchini, who assigned Ukrainian artists inspired by the lines:
Sing, brothers, boldly and loudly: Not perish song and Ukraine! Cheers! Janka Lucina.
Literary critics have noted that with one side, garnulasya his soul to the muse of Byron and Heine, and on the other, trying on shirts and peasant in the village played the lyre, that on Parnassus he was taken for his own Yang Barshchevskii Vladimir Syrokomlya and Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz. "According to their explanation, — noticed philosopher Vladimir Kononov — Poems Luchiny — typical vvertsyura poetry Kupala and Kolas."
He wrote in 3 languages, but there is precious Belarusian part of his legacy — and what’s so that there he went against time and accidents. "Without goals, ie. No hope of printing my already wobbly muse silent stsyavshy teeth" — he wrote in just a minute oscillations. The word "lame" was not accidental epithet: still quite young poet was relaxed and after healing could only move with crutches, but not only walked to the service in Minsk Technical Bureau Libavo-Romenskaya steel road and entered the theater. Willpower even enough to ensure that activities such as fishing and hunting (which, incidentally, gave rise to rumors, as if his illness — not over professional mystification).
Janka Lucina dreamed to be heard. This occurred after his death, when in 1903 in St. Petersburg Belarusian reducing managed to cheat royal censor and give Lucina collection "Bundle" under the guise of books in Bulgarian.
I do not sing — people of God Gave Me the song beautiful image, because in my heart And the chains shackled them with the people …

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