Names of Liberty: Lydia Vakulovsky 20.02.1926, Moscow Shchors, Chernihiv region., Ukraine — 08.28.1991, ibid.

"In human morals, as in some buildings, several facades, while not all of them pleasant to the mind," — the French saw afaryst Francois de La. Temper and writer Lydia kinastsenarystki Vakulovskay belonged just such. But the main feature of it was impossible to kill svabodalyubnasts and it kampensovvala much more.
At one point in late 1980 at the Congress of the Union of Writers showed me a middle-aged lady with a lovely room "New World" in the hands. "Vakulovsky, dissident" — not without ecstasy said a familiar.
About the "dissident" he seems a little "went through", but the apartment is on the street Lydia Alexandrovna Berastsyanskay middle of 1960 really was a typical club Minsk freethinkers (why, it must be recognized and promoted considerable fees hostess who wrote in Russian and often printed in Moscow). Recalls in his book "On the peninsula memoirs" (Minsk, 2004), one of the closest friends Vakulovskay writer Valentin Taras, to the large and very motley company of writers, journalists, actors, painters touched on the most risky topics. Dear Leonid Ilyich someone merry feasts could be called "traglyadytam" his head ideologist Suslov — "dried roach," security officer Shelepina — "steel Shurik" and all together — "tuporylye sharagay."
When I visited in Berlin from the famous German in Belarusian and former political prisoner Norberta Randova, he showed me a few hundred pages, kserakapiyavanyh them from the open after the reunification of Germany the Stasi archives. Norbertav good friend, in the midst of the rest, wrote detailed reports on days of birth "Object" of the plan table and list of toasts. Such guests frequented and Vakulovskay. One, Zoenka later even calculated, but she managed to make his case, or, as they joked, "to write an opera."
Lydia with friends dragged him to the KGB, some have begun to withdraw from work. Valentine Taras, for example, was forced to resign from the editors of "Neman" and his wife was removed from the ether on Belarusian television. Vakulovsky itself, which was to "free bread", was accused of distributing illegal literature, trying to convey to the West to publish their story "Tayune" and "Two hundred miles to the court" (already long written in magazines "Neman" and "Banner") and even inciting terror. Speaking to party activists while Peter Masherov praised "competent authorities" for having revealed "anti-Soviet boil" formed on the flat member of the Writers’ Union Vakulovskay.
After those events Lidia lived for another quarter of a century and a half has given the 10-ka live benign own books of prose that often went out not only in Minsk, and Magadan, in those places where she once lived and which outlined her characters.
She died in the historic August 1991, when "sharagi" Brezhnev’s heirs tried to turn the wheel of history. One of her last works was the novel "Wolfram — metal firm" dedicated to the time of Stalin’s repression.

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