Names of Liberty: Misha Lyapeha

Such people, as it is, for all Belarus wasabout how the poet said, "a lot — maybe four." One — brother Kolas Yusik, sung in "The newest land" Yusik shalyanitsa-good spirit of those protected Nadnemanskaya places that I remember with special guests feeling recited stanza poem dedicated to him. The second was he, Misha Lyapeha too real national intellectual, which smeared out of the ordinary peasant.
One first 1950 it then working Smorgon pramkambinatu, sent to find limestone districts. Since he first came to their Bagushevichavy Kushliany. Literary critic Vladimir sodalite knows that the soul Misha, who had heard something about the poet and "peasant lawyer" and knew a couple of his poems, in that day there was a coup.
Genius loci — the genius loci did its magic: Misha left his native village benign house and together with his family moved to Kushliany, settling in the former home of the poet, or rather, in his little corner of the kitchen. Position Uncle Misha officially called "guard", but, actually, and he became a tour guide and guardian of the estate of the 1st of the first awakening of civilization, who explained to Belarusians, where their country as it should be called, and bequeathed to save — not to die — its language, the same human and Panskih as German or French.
Chances are that without sacrifice Lyapehi, which in 1960-1980-e knew all conscious of Belarus, at the then home BOGUSHEVICH protection of monuments of history and culture to the restoration simply would not have lasted. But Misha was the goal — to live up to a day or until a small homemade exposure will turn into a real museum. Lyapehav scion Gennady held the highest office in the suburbs. Father could get relaxed under his wing, but he did on the ninth 10-ke superintending to offspring just to heal and come back again in Kushliany — native to the walls and paths, to strangers nearby and afar, to reviews of books with a hundred, maybe tyschami confessions reviews. "Without Kushlyanah I like a bird without wings" — says Misha.
He waited until his own: in 1990, the memorial museum-estate Frantisek Bogushevich opened the doors to the first guests. Besides, at the moment, approaching Kushlyanah, I find myself waiting on the porch that I would see a familiar face …

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