Names of Liberty: Tomasz Vovzhetsky (7.3.1753-5.8.1816)

I do not know, count the number of appearances Supreme Council Belarus Poznyak, but certainly it is clear that two centuries before him by salting gentry Braslavskogo povet Vovzhetsky Tomas took the floor to so called the Sejm 1788-1792 Rzeczpospolita’s exactly 169 times. Comparison does not look wrong, because then, in the XVIII century and the first 1990 to decide the fate of the Fatherland.
Fiery speech Vovzhetskogo, Sejm representative democratic trend, devoted to reforms to be had to vacate government shameful dependence on Russia. Deputies who are nice, but someone — on the contrary, was amazed that, putting up for discussion a proposal to make the situation better farmers, Braslavsky salting in his estate is the abolition of serfdom and gave the former serf freedom. He became one of the founders of the Sejm approved the reform of local government.
Brilliant orator and narrow connoisseur rights, Tomas Vovzhetsky involved in the adoption of the Constitution of May 3, 1791 — the second in the world (after the U.S.) and the first in Europe.
The Constitution of our findings to the Government Protz on the path of progressive development. Declared freedom of the press and of conscience, transparency and independence of the judiciary, religious tolerance and the establishment of government which must not serve a single state, and the whole society. But Time wasabout missed. Upcoming fate of the country is held in their hands the foreign monarchs. In Russia, the constitution and did not smell. Empress Catherine spoke to the effect that "the constitution would have cost the country more expensive autocracy."
In 1792 th one hundred thousandth Russian army ran across the Polish border. The result was a new intervention, the second partition of the country. Our ancestors responded uprising that led lytvyn Tadeusz Kosciuszko.
After the victory of the insurrection in Vilnius Vovzhetsky became a member of the Lithuanian Supreme glad — Revolutionary Government of Lithuania-Belarus. Receiving the rank of lieutenant-general, he managed to rebel divisions Zhmud and Courland, and then under pressure repeatedly huge royal troops brought their own people in the districts of Grodno. If Kosciuszko was captured Vovzhetskogo chose "supreme chief" — the leader of the rebellion throughout the Commonwealth.
Upon surrender of Warsaw Tomasz reincarnated as a prisoner Peter and Paul Fortress and the creator of memoirs.
Released king Paul I, he lived another 20 years. Died in Warsaw, and was buried in his homeland, Vidzy. In the 1990s, among the first to have found the path to his final resting friends Polotsk Historical Club "Sources".
If you happen to be in Vidzy, put flowers on the grave of a hero that defended the independence of the Fatherland and from the parliamentary rostrum, and with a gun in his hands.

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