Names of Liberty: Valentin Zhdanovich (07/01/1938 — 07/20/1992)

If a beautiful person leaves this world, she is suddenly a lot of friends, the number of which increases with age only. Referred to one of the parties to the anniversary of the 75th anniversary of Vladimir Korotkevich if one of these "friends" said ecstatically as a writer perfectly played guitar and they sang a duet, although Actually Vladimir Semenovich, having really beautiful voice and hearing the guitar never took.
Journalist and photographer Zhdanovich Valentin was one of the few real friends Karatkevich. They helped, feeling kinship, in 1969, in a creative expedition Polessye and later a huge amount of time traveling together, right down to the last trip to his beloved Pripyat in July 1984.
Virtually all he lives, educated, experienced in the history of the Belarusian-Jew with a surprisingly warm and cozy aura photographer for the magazine "Youth". They made a huge amount of pictures included in encyclopedias and albums became classics of Belarusian photography. Zhdanovich one of the first in Belarus started photographica. Event was in time yield his photo album to "save the white storks."
He was very grieved at death Karatkevich, always talking about his own share of guilt, although their pioneer that has been catastrophic travel writer himself. At one point, we had read about it a long time in Valyantsinavay "maladostsevskay" print shop, where I was when he was in the wording always drawn look.
The workshop was his second home. There he bade farewell to life. Do not rule out that it was perfectly prudent step, because somehow in communion Valentin quoted Seneca: "The door is open, you can go." Daughter Valeria believes that his father simply tired of the then unclaimed and lack of money. But his colleagues do not exclude other versions associated with the fact that not only Zhdanovich professionally photographed, but from time to time took up complex journalistic investigation. For example, to substantiate that one warmed authorities folk painter created his "masterpieces", doing the obvious plagiarism. Valentin could stay memorable exclamations spring in Minsk Troiza in 1986, when students of art schools and boarding school named after I.Ahremchyka attacked natskavanyya Komsomol and KGB veterans of the Afghan war.
Shortly before leaving Valentin, who had and indisputable literary possibilities wrote dedicated Korotkevich brilliant essay "The snow-white canoe."
"He was a traveler.
He had a talent for the journey …
Sometimes, as happened! — The wind was bad, frustrated sails, oars broke, the boat was thrown on the stones. Sometimes he rejoiced stale bread, and sometimes bread slides happened … "
Valentin was also Zhdanovich travelers and made a journey through space and time in a professional and dignified.

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