Names of Liberty: Vladimir Solovyov (1925 — 1996)

Free mind can not endure captivity — it was said in ancient world.
First 1946 teachers and youth Slonim made clandestine illegal Belarusian company entitled "The Seagull." It was a response to the "full sweep" gebist "aggressive parts" and a wave of Russification that collapsed on the war in the former zapadnobelorusskie land where everything is more or less important positions began to appoint people to belarushchyny aggressive. "The Seagull" was aimed at the struggle for national rights and Belarusians in the end — the creation of independent states. Slonim patriots sought to expand their ideas in other regions.
Baranavichy branch of the organization made a student of History and Philology of the local teachers’ institute Vladimir Solovyov, who entered the governing body of "The Seagull" — "Center of the Belarusian liberation movement."
If in 1947 the arrests began, Vladimir was able to go to the illegal situation. He was, apparently, a good conspirator: MGB a couple of years could not grasp the young teacher who not only hid the parent farm, and went armed with a revolver, in the republic.
He was arrested first 1950s. At the time when I was sucking her mother’s nemavlenkam tsytsu, my adnaymennika scary tortured. Suddenly Vladimeravu father "authorities" were ordered to appear already in Kazan. He returned home with terrible news: in the dungeons gebistskoy Volodya not only recaptured the kidneys. His mind could not stand the bondage …
We can only guess what thoughts overwhelmed him in just a minute insight when Vladimir beheld bars on the windows and the fear of looking at nurses. How many years later, in the middle 1950s, the family was allowed to take him home, but litsezrev life was then driven into the kolkhoz serfdom, village, brain Nightingale again could not stand on This time — fatal.
40 years he was held in a mental hospital near Grodno, and in 1996, even without informing the relatives, transferred to a psychological clinic in the village on Kazlovshchyna Dyatlovschina. Soon, rather than risk further conceal his death, the doctor told the family of Vladimir that he lost his way in Tipo winter woods, chilled and was found only when the snow melted. Coffin did not open.
But the worst thing for me is not the fate of the Nightingale. The worst thing that according to historian Sergei Ruff, patriot relatives knew nothing about the reasons for his arrest, never heard of "The Seagull" … For them it was just unfortunate insane …

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