NATO to strengthen the control of ships of the Russian Navy in the Atlantic and Mediterranean

NATO to strengthen the control of ships of the Russian Navy in the Atlantic and Mediterranean
NATO intelligence services have increased control over the movement of groups of ship of the Navy of the Russian Federation, we are headed to a campaign in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea, said to RIA Novosti source in the influential Russian Defense Ministry.

Last week, some media said that the board issued in march Russian warships to Syria has renewed military equipment, but the «Rosoboronexport» categorically denied these data, noting that this technique be placed on board the ship «Alaed» which was canceled insurance.

«NATO reconnaissance aircraft» Orion » a couple of times to increment the frequency of flights in areas where they remain Russian warships. Russian sailors also noted increased electronic intelligence «- said the agency interlocutor.

He believes that as the promotion of Russian ships to the southern latitudes of the intensity of the NATO action against the ship’s groups will be increased.

«It is possible that in a certain proximity to the Russian warships may seem NATO ships,» — said the source.

Last week, the Russian Defense Ministry representative said that a group of ships of the Northern, Baltic and Black Sea fleets of the Russian Navy will make combat training tasks in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Seas. The main task of the joint group hike mezhflotskoy 3 ships fleets is the study of action under a unified command.

Russian ship «Alaed» who drove to Syria anti-aircraft missiles and game renovated military transport helicopters Mi-25, June 18 was stopped off the coast of Scotland. As a result, the ship had to return to the Kola Bay. Danish company United Nordic Shippin A / S, a chartered » Alaed » Russian shipping firm Femco, later terminated the contract with the carrier, the parties agree. In turn, the British insurance company Standard Club confirmed that all vessels deprived insurance Femco. Femco company decided to transfer the vessel under yurispundentsiyu Russian Federation, returned the ship to the port of Murmansk, which replaced the Russian flag on the vessel.

In Syria, more than a year did not stop anti-government protests that grew into an armed struggle with the opposition formations country’s security forces. News about new armed incidents and victims often come, despite the fact that since mid-April, in accordance with the plan of UN special envoy Kofi Annan, the country declared a truce, the observance of which is designed to look UN observers.

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