Need to do reproach politicians who share the chair

Listeners "Freedom" continue to vigorously open a discussion situation that has developed in the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk)
"What treason Kazulin desperate fighter mode! Pozniak Emperor in exile Zakharenko, Karpenko, Gonchar not. Kozulin behind bars. Milinkevich opposition ousted from the leadership. Lukashenko, for sure, rubbing his hands with delight, and operation of the services of its Russian. Successfully use human weakness, betrayal, meanness, pasyarednastsi thirst to be in sight. "
"I do not know the case inside the party" Hulk. "Maybe, this situation led to reelect Kozulin. But it is necessary to make a reproach politicians are presently free and shared seats. That they, as Kozulin, were more resolute, walked like him, to the end, we, Belarusians have long to live in another country. "
Calls listeners commented political analyst Alexander Klaskouski:
"Politics — itself for itself is competitive sphere. Another thing is that the Belarusian political life has its own specifics. Unfortunately, this is such a gloomy specificity. Belarusian Party almost driven into the underground, they are pushed out of the system policy. This marginal state where they can not affect the actual processes begins in some cases, so to speak, wrangling spiders banks. And in such a situation plus power by intelligence agencies can and specially some scenarios disengagement rastsyarushvannya opposition to use too. In addition, a large part of the democratic society looks at the opposition as a sign of some moral, and therefore politicians should even think what memory they create democratic views of others, not only to think about any partisan interests, and on the standard of democracy " .
Continuing program from "Calls to freedom":
"You care about control of the Group’s constituency number 70 Maladziechna town. Managing active group I 1st of Deputies. Pay attention, I did not hype. Aug. 4, speaking on Radio Liberty, sire Liabedzka expressed his view that" we collect votes on the town Maladziechna and tells everyone that go from power three, and I, fourth, going from the opposition, and people say, willingly subscribe for me. "Lebedko, we respect you and your party, but you must be sincere and honest. All we know who we have to any party who is of power. Everybody knows. Three candidates not from power, that’s for sure. And one, everyone knows it goes from power. Because people do not have to read that "all three of the authorities agree, and I am one of the opposition." With reverence, the active control group. "
The call controls the activity of the group is responsible Maladziechna civilian head of the United Party Anatoly Lebedko:
"The current MP from Maladziechna sovereign Chursin have very accurate representative of the Belarusian authorities. And this he assured if their actions, and if inaction while working in the House of Representatives. 2nd bidder surname Minets — Molodechno employee executive committee, his book is in labor power structures. third representative — college director, who in the last election to position yourself as a person close to the authorities and support is making Belarusian authorities. A fourth there is Shumkevich Alexander, managing the organization "Young Democrats" — the youth wing of the United civilian party. Like it or not, no matter how pervert — goes one on three. "
Students of "Freedom" and responded to destruction of the Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn:
"Who is Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s funeral. Looked, goodbye come bureaucrats of all ranks. Remembered for some reason his work" Oak and the Calf. "Also remember that our Alexander G. Badawi with the world … Yes, that came up with the acronym Gulag. We also own the Gulag — a "usurper Chief Alexander G. Lukashenko."
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