Nesvizha inhabitants — about what it depends on improving the lives of

Lady: "What determines the improvement of our lives? As our governor adds to our retirement, then a little bit better and we like not — or not. Do not have time to raise retirement so immediately increase prices. So how can there be life? "
Lady: "I believe that only human welfare. If it is not a bad salary, there will be a good prosperity in the family. If there is prosperity in the family, there will be prosperity in our town. "
Lady: "If will work, and then you will have something. "
Lady: "We are from Nesvizha. We have a garden on Lenin Street. Necessary to inspect, flowers to plant, so it was lovely to people were great pass by the house. "
Man: "How do we will work, and so we will live. "
Lady: "We count on our management that we will not forget it."
Lady: "To give loans for young people. And then we have no Bachelor may be on the line to build a cooperative apartment. "
Man: "Part is dependent on himself, and some — from the policy of our government."
Lady: "To a large salary paid. Indeed, if a small salary, the other is not just for that and buy something."
Man: "We have a cold in the apartments, poorly heated, lay up."
Lady: "From wages. We are not here to earn enough. Though I would 600 thousand rubles. In Nyasvizh hard work dobraaplachvanuyu find. After all, what company here? "
Lady: "Certainly, from myself. Such a small sample. We sold the apartment in the center Nesvizha, opposite the bus station, purchased a house, and brought him in divine form, cares agarodik, grow strawberries. Hard, but it is curious."

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