New rapporteur on Belarus in favor of dialogue with the authorities and the opposition

Kosachev said that during the meeting of the political committee of the Parliamentary Assembly was "conceptual discussion."
Kosachev: "Faced two positions. Persanifikue One EU: what you need to read with Belarus is very aggressive. And while there will be no progress in Human Rights, need to strongly restrict contact with this state. And the second position, which we advocate, which supports and President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe: that despite the existing difficulties in Belarus, it is necessary to knit in a dialogue, you need to read the opposition and the authorities. And through this dialogue contribute to the solution of problems faced by Belarus. Sovereign Rigoni supported entirely true second point. He is for dialogue rather than isolation of Belarus. He’s not going to idealize, to decorate the situation in Belarus, but I think he will work equilibrium and constructively. "
According Kosacheva Parliamentary Assembly election through this special rapporteur listen to common sense.
Kosachev said that Andrea Rigoni One of the most noble and most experienced parliamentarians in the Assembly. Kosachev believes that this man far not accidental, and its conclusions Belarus will important and necessary. Are the sovereign Kosachev any expression Andrea Rigoni on the situation in Belarus?
Kosachev: "I have already quoted his current position. And to me it seems to be very constructive."
Member of the subcommittee on Belarus Lithuanian deputy Birute Veseyte believes that due to the recent developments in Russian-Belarusian relations, Europe’s position becomes more myagenkoy Belarus.
The Belarusian opposition destination new rapporteur has not yet commented. Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front party Vintsuk Vyachorka said:
Vecherko: "Italy usually had extensive economic ties with Belarus under the current government. And only exacerbated the problem of history associated with orphans, Vika Moroz".
Chairman of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka adds:
Lyabedzka: "As for the Italians, they are all the same quite far from Belarus, and there likely triggered some narrow interests. It may be a question of improvement kids. And the rest — you need to look at belonging to the faction. Though the majority of PACE members will proceed from the principles upon which the Council of Europe. And this first democracy. "

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