Nicholas grave Abramchik hard to find. But you can

"Place of burial Abramchik soon The number of lost. In several in recent years BNP friends conducted a study this topic, talked to people who were familiar with the President and could know his burial place in Paris: yankoy bugs, Alexei nuts, Zoe Smarschok-Zhelyazovskay, "- reports the initiative" Belarusian state memory. "
From the father of Alexander and historical Nadson Natalia Gordienko in the Belarusian Library named Skaryna PNP activists in London and found the picture a rough plan. Looking considerable assistance was also provided by Dr. Janka Zaprudnik from the U.S., who also sent some materials.
Most of the pictures was prepared in the 70s, and therefore BNP activists had no precise guidelines, vpribavok on the tombstone had no signs or inscriptions. Partly changed and the sector itself, in which it was buried Mikola Abramchik.
"In the end, these days of the August to precisely find the resting place of the President. BNP community made a small share of celebration. Cleaned the grave, lit candles, a prayer and sang the national anthems, "- reports the BNP.
At the same time, as we were told by BNR, the burial place was clear Abramchik Paris Belarusians. Several years ago in the same grave was buried wife of Nicholas Abramchik. In October 2007, members of the Board visited the grave together with his son Abramchik Olgerd. The session BNR was decided to install it burial monument. Tags: BNR Abramchik, grave

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