Nicholas Pinigin put in Minsk new show

Excellent playing Anatoly Zhuk and Anna Hitrik, invited to the role of the Yanka Kupala Theatre Theatre for Young People, a beautiful set design and decoration of the play, the ideal direction — such memories reserves play.
This play is about the modern Russian army, but the action can take place in any other army in general or in a totalitarian society.
From a young fighter Lyabedushkina mock senior military, and he — the creative personality and dreamy, nedavneshny student drama school and he wrote the play — can not accept this. And not able to defend against a foolish life and violent barracks orders. Unable to find other methods to keep your own inner peace, soldier transforms into a lady. In the literal physical sense. That’s the magic of nature faced with even greater rigidity and eventually leads to disaster. Soldier dies. Little by such absurd content of the play.
It seems that this piece lured Nicholas Pinigina theme, which he brilliantly embodied in its own premiere last season, putting on stage Kupala theater "Simon’s music" by Yakub Kolas — the theme of the conflict of the artist and the surrounding society.
In the play, you can find allusions to today Situation in Belarus. For example, a fighter for re buntovschicheskogo threaten to send svinafermu: say, you need to start direct orders from agro.
Recently the premiere walking rumors that the stage of Belarusian theater performance of "The Moth" will go in Russian. Indeed, the "Butterfly" staged at the Theatre of young spectator in the original language of the play. Head of the literary part of the theater Lashkevich Jeanne explained to the fact that the director did not accept the level of translation in whiteRussian language. Ask about this at the very Pinigina Nicholas had no ability — he was not at the premiere.

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