Night Siege, February 1

On forums portal now alive is discussed meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with journalists. Rfid someone says: "Full Custom Alliance — is when they pay for transit, for military bases for land under pipelines. And so would be great for three bucks for each wheel change in Brest. " PRISRAK said: "We realized then on the area of 19th and 25th that Putin zdraziv us. And now he himself confessed, here and eat your shit on health."
Second theme days are — struggle with the snow on the night of this day throughout Belarus has dropped a lot of snow, and utilities are not controlled cleaning. Topic, surprisingly, is "Politics" section on Home Portal Mamin Siberian says: "I wonder whether connected with the disappearance of snow removal equipment neuvvyazkami fill the budget or the weakening of vertical discipline?" Litvin_117 notes: "The problem with snegavborkay not only in Minsk. Seems that the president’s call to" save "is already in full swing is realized in life ». olefftina adds:" And not only on this. For a month, as in some light passenger trains include not only that parazbivali noses. "
Blog One of its founders for the initials MM knows about a brand new low-budget film "Belarusian profit", filmed by another Russian group "NO": "Belarusian viewers will be curious to see the movie for two reasons. In 1-x, low-budget underground majestically on Russian war yakasney removed for some masterpieces native "Belarusfilm." In-2-x, very curious to see how in the hands of mercantile stsebshchykav country Belarus becomes flavor. Heroes they say in Russian, and diligently dekayuchy tsekayuchy. About returning from the front Vitsy family bakes and eats a stork sucking longish reddish legs and beak, at the end of the film aged Vitsa eating potato chips bag with "Chips" listens radyepryymach "Grodno" sitting under a portrait of Putin with bald spots and a mustache. "
In LJ community minsk_by user zedlik divided observation: "Between Storozhevskaya Nyamiha Masherova Jerusalem and constantly picks some grandmother. And whenever she stops a passerby on the street says that it lacks the 3-thousand reach Mogilev . And some even give. And if you do not give, asks their phone call. ringing somewhere, says some nonsense about the food on the base and asks meet. So I have it once a week for several weeks in a row steadily asked about 3 ysyachy to Mogilev and call. "So you’ve already got a call from my phone" — "do not call". "Rang" — "Today it is not called!"
All interviews for the "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk on the answering machine Call 266-39-52 and send SMS message to number 391-22-24.

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