Night Siege — February 13

On forums portal discussions are about meeting business. Bid for the shares on March 13 filed a motion entrepreneurial activists Sergey and Alexander Balykin Macau. The purpose of the action — to draw public attention to the business dilemmas. Comments: "On March 25, exit weak? So nothing will not get and stay" lousy fleas. "First to be expelled their own pseudo-activists ahead of plan failing shares." "The only hope is that they forbade to leave, and they will come with us 25 coupled to the Square!"
In the Internet community Minsk_by Second_single quoted Latvian blogger post: "Today I realized how to move in Russian Alliance touch of a button. To do, must include (satellite) channel "Belarus TV». Belarusian political analyst explains why Belarus does not want to see our motherland raised gas prices using words such as "oligarchs" (in every third sentence), "street kids of Russia" (5 times read about them), "people power" (three times), Jesus Christ (twice with quotations from the Bible), "if our President … " (20 times, no less). I did not think that a country with such "freedom" word may exist in the XXI century, but it is. Belarusians poor. "In the comments more dramatic:" just jealous, and maybe a spy :) "" This satellite channel! So that the truth may know about Belarus on Worldwide :)) ".
"37% of Belarusian network users become victims of" phone pirates "- reports website network news Such survey results among users BYnet, which organized enterprise" Beltelecom "and portal quotes the representative" Beltelekom "Vladimir Ptashnik:" The only reliable method to protect and "piracy on the phone" — private care. NOT settle for downloading those programs whose task is not known to you. "
User website blog "Live The magazine" Kipryda warns: "Attention. NOT recommend leaving your bags in" kaystrava-valizachnym wardrobe "nyamigavskaga supermarket — they’re disappearing. And employees shall be removed to take it for at least some responsibility … "
All interviews and references to "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk also call on the answering machine 266 39 52 and send SMS to the number 391-22-24.

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