Night Siege — February 15

In Belarus, the Web discussions are news that the newcomer to the regulations approved by the Council of Ministers, Internet cafes throughout the year must maintain a list of websites that are visited by the user. And when necessary to share information with the police and the KGB. Blogger Eolonir website diaries "Gaze" associates Belarusian official action regarding the control of the web with the Chinese. And he comes to the conclusion that the Belarusian secret services do not have enough people or knowledge for complete control: "And Beltelekom can not restrict access the whole country without loss of income, because it is one of the last sources. Hostage own same meaninglessness. "And on the website outlined tips how to get around in the control network. For example, using the browser Torpark:" Torpark protects you immediately with 2-sides. ISP or Internet cafes can not find what websites the user visited them, and administrators of web sites can not find the real IPs, which means the user whereabouts and physical. "
On forums portal discussions are Milinkevich decision not to participate in the Congress Democratic Forces, which must held in March. Comments: "The purpose of Congress downtime. Liabedzka hochyts be in place Dorenko! Pagryzutstsa quite" "Milinekevich started his game, only somehow surprising as it looks," "Here hatches a positive thing. Opposition is not just available to the authorities, and some rudiments truly multi-party system. "
The community Minsk_by Stranya user writes: For several months I can not get tickets for "The Wild Hunt of King Stach" in Kupala theater. At the box office every time they say that the tickets are already sold out, though I try to buy over in the month prior to the celebration. There was such a question: somebody came to get there? Maybe there is some secret way, which I do not know? Very get hunting … "Fans-theatergoers recommend how to avoid obstacles. For example:" Take no better at the box office, I realized. After all, on a small stage strongly enough seats and tickets to crawl distributors. I, for example, took the last 2 tickets to the Central Department Store. Try this method :). "
Web design Province. FM publishes the latest political parody Alexander Lukashenko. Specifically, the voice of the first president of the Republic of Belarus has her own monologue hero podcast — Omelet, Prince infernal:
"Everything came to an end. All principal, deepest venture change direction and galleries smysal. All uhazhu, tsiper silence. Oh, the prosecutor in the case volumes byaschyslennyh maego you mark my sins."
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