Night Siege — February 9

"The feeling of horror. President of Belarus losing friends and landmarks "- called sample material posted on February 9 website" Russian newspaper "." Can not fluctuate — more than once or twice president Belarus will criticize the "barbaric", with its viewpoint, acts of the Russian Federation, which eventually gave firmly realize that the Lukashenko regime and Belarusian people — it’s not the same thing. "
On forums portal discussions are about combatant military service, who mercilessly beat ensign in one of the units in the Minsk district Uruchcha. Reviews: "The army has not changed in 15 years. Some reason the government wants healthy young fighter," "And whereupon they will state that we all go with pleasure in the army??? "" And how many of these militia, brutalized by their impunity, "" It is hoped that this ensign "tear" significant "," feudal army, as well as the government. "
Website news network recalls that prior to the entry into force of the decree on Internet commerce only one month. Now to get the right to sell products through a network, the entity must register its own website in the domain zone BY. Special issue papers Security Center under the President of the Republic of Belarus disk imaging. Appropriate configuration must be done in a trading license. One of the hosts online store commented: "No licenses do not give them no eye has not beheld!" Another commentator mocks: "In our country except licenses still have 100 and one method "uzlyubits" merchant ".
User website blog "Live The magazine" Zagorski published copy of the standard agreement with one of the Belarusian banks, where among other justified force majeure event upon which the bank is not responsible for fulfillment of commitments. "Failures in the telecommunications system, the decision of the municipal bodies Republic of Belarus, floods, fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters … "Comment:" cool! Disaster — "municipal RB!".
All interviews and references to "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk also call on the answering machine and send 266-39-52 SMS message to the number 391-22-24. Since you have been Severin Kwiatkowski.

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