Nikolai Khalezin: In jeans impossible to sit in the chamber

"Without freedom there is no meaning for existence"
Reporter: "Do you personally almost everything associated with the word freedom — presiding over" Free Theatre "engaged in the organization" Freedom March ", a song for ether booked" Belarus will be free "… You freedom? "
Khalezin: "Practically all. Unless my family» I, my daughter, my wife and family — that’s what I can not put below. Without freedom there is no meaning for existence. If something pushes me — in the chest or head, if anyone» s shoulders, then I do not understand what’s going around. "
Correspondent "Nikolai Khalezin was born in 1964 in Minsk. After high school he served in the army aviation, entered the economics department of the Institute of National Economy, but changed his mind to study there. Why?"
Khalezin: "I realized that I can only engage in creativity. I play in" Generation Jeans »There is an episode when I say that I wanted to practice his art, but did not know what. Knew that I will not engage aperetay and folklore. And he could not be an accountant … "
Reporter: "And when you feel like a creator?"
Khalezin: "At school. When I was about 10 — 12. May the mother I always priuchivala do something hands. And later I myself was involved, there was no problems even sew, knit, draw, write … "
"I wanted to show that Belarusians — passionary people"
Reporter: "You made out with your hands prazdnichkom town. When it was, in what period? "
Khalezin: "At the beginning of perestroika."
Reporter: "And what was different design while from now?"
Khalezin: "Then almost all possible was doing. They were ordinary things beautiful, brightest, to mute the dullness of our lives. "
Reporter: "If at the moment you had the opportunity to issue a city, for example, Minsk, what would you have realized?"
Khalezin: "I had such a project — carried him to the late Vasya Shugaleem Festival — building projects, but we have not given it to embody. I’ve been wanting to do one thing: drag the thick-thick rope between the National Bank and the GUM and hang him out to dry big jeans, big socks and a giant jersey — so no one read about Belarusians is such a small people. I wanted to show that Belarusians — passionary strong people. "
"Is more. Even money"
Reporter: "What happened to your song" I come "- it was bought by the Moscow Art Theatre?"
Khalezin: "She’s such a difficult and immediately accidental fate, I do not even know what it’s all finished. Willed her first purchase Oleg Menshikov, after it from under his nose took Oleg Tabakov, then there were two or three samples withdo itt play on the Moscow Art Theater, were then configuration directors — 1st, second, third. And later at the Moscow Art Theater ended contract for this play. And now to continue to work on this play, they need to negotiate anew with me. "
Reporter: "Nicholas, and who came there — in this play?"
Khalezin: "There came a man. I do not know, I was it, but it’s the person who goes through seven rooms. At first it encounters an angel, later the mother, father, daughter, wife, friend, and again after the angel. And people passes this spiralepadobnuyu road and somewhere to go. somewhere comes and where it goes. And the most fundamental: it did everything this time, in each of these rooms. "
Reporter: "Do you personally find more or lose?"
Khalezin "is more. Even the means."
"I feel sorry for Victor Manaeva"
Reporter: "In 2005, Nikolai Khalezin organized the" Free Theatre ". At the moment, it is part of the international project, which is under the auspices of Vaclav Havel and Tom Stoppard. Nobel laureate Harold Pinter Theatre gave all rights to his plays. Nicholas, tell about your international competition and his current favorites. "
Khalezin: "This is the second contest. At first it was 230 pieces, this 50 first two were presented on the first nine states at the moment — 12. If at the first Grand Prix of the contest received Russian playwright Vyacheslav Durnyankov then now became the first Belarusian Paul Buckle play "Cowards" — for her at the moment beating two Russian theaters. "
Reporter: "Recently, after a 2-staged" Tuteyshyya "in Kupala theater actor Victor Manayeu criticized the public for the rapid expression of feelings in the theater hall. Nicholas, such a violent response from the public on what is happening on the stage — it’s success … "
Khalezin: "I can only say that I feel sorry for Victor Manaeva. Viktor criticize What if the state flag flying above the stage? People who stare spectacle wish manifestations own feelings. They dream about to come to the theater and to give vent to feelings. But if the theater is dormant unless he says no burning words when and if silent fears that once with the national flag up people, you read that here … Nightmare! "
"The winner will be the one who wants the new"
Reporter: "In Poland in Poznan is the" eighth Theatre Days ". Such a title, because, according to the explanations actors inventing everything on the eighth day God fiction theater. During communist times in illegal own country, This Poznan theater performed in the streets of European cities. Not so long ago, "the eighth Theatre Days" set the stage for his own performance, data security services approved by the actors of this theater. In your opinion, what could be the performance associated with the Belarusian "Free Theatre"? "
Khalezin: "Thank you mentioned this theater. In November, "Theatre of the Eighth Day" spent reading n» Esau Belarusian playwrights. Regarding your question, in the play "Generation Jeans" I’m talking about and that we … We have an aesthetic conflict between the authorities and the people. People want new, freshest, euro, willing air, and they say they "do not" give stagnation, stagnation, agricultural arts. No, it will not work like this: young people can not live with only one sheaf of hay in his hands. They crave new, they are looking artgavs cinema, they read contemporary literature, they do not speak about what states power. And because the winner in this conflict is the one who wants a new one. No other way to be. "
Correspondent "Nikolai Khalezin preparing to release a collection of modern drama" Generation Jeans ». Nicholas was a lot of criticism in the address ideas jeans in Belarus. Why do you support it?"
Khalezin: "Because in jeans impossible to sit in the chamber, as the seams, buttons, rivets not allowed to lie on the bunk. This is not the dress, in which can be in the slammer. Jeans — a fabric of young people, not only young age, and spirit, this is a sign that wrapped myth. When rose above October Square denim shirt and when the youth luchylasya underneath and confronted riot police, and that’s when jeans became the emblem. "
"I believe in free Belarus"
Reporter: "The people there, formed impression that the theater — it’s bohemian life. Nicholas, "Free Theatre" is the bohemian life? "
Khalezin: "No, we have a very languid life. That’s life when you need to work is not so little, that about any bohemia can not be considered. Bohemians in general can not exist in an unfree society. Well, where we take bohemia, if we do not have any secular newspaper … Languid life — now be a creator in our country. "
Reporter: "On Freedom Radio is the transmission of" What I believe. " Now, take this conversation, I want to ask you: what do you believe? "
Khalezin: "I believe in free Belarus. I believe in prosperity. I believe
in my family. And I believe in his friends."

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