Nominees from the opposition complained to the CEC

Certain facts — messages from the regions.
Pukhovichi district election commission number 73 has refused to register the active group activist movement against the construction of chemical plant Russian office "August" Tatiana Rysevets. Ms. Rysevets going to appeal this decision to the CEC, is also preparing a complaint about the persecution of 3 members of its active groups:
"If three people are eliminated, the 23 — remain. But at a meeting of the commission is started:" And why do we need it! And we have so much work! No, all! "Such as to threaten people, that they were forced to … We will, we will mourn."
Not counting Tatiana Rysevets, denial of registration activities of the group got a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation Vyacheslav Gerasimenko, Alexander Skrabets -Brother of a prominent politician Skrabets managing Minsk regional branch of the BPF Dmitry Vinogradov, Pyotr Kuznetsov created with Freedom and Progress Party, which was refused by the Central Election surrounded Gomel.
The CEC said that the meeting, which will undergo review these complaints, is scheduled for July 31.

Mogilev 5 active members activist groups Belarusian Free Trade Union Sergey Fominsummoned to an interview employees of the Committee state security.
About interrogations 3 members active group Sergey Fomin "Freedom" already reported. July 24 Tatyana Bulanov, Oksana and Sergei Zakrevsky Laputina questioned KGB Yuri Zhukov.
The names of 2-questioned members of their own group active Sergey Fomin call refrains:
"The pressure is on the people who work. They are afraid of problems. They work at the municipal enterprise. When our contract and can not explain, can not extend the contract and all. I believe that one up, on which the Committee expected to state security, — partly they have gained it. intimidate other words people can be intimidating. "
Sergei Fomin is not the first time participating in the election campaign:
"If in 2004 was also pressure on the members of my work group, even a group not recorded, at the moment particularly after registering five groups already summoned to the KGB or talked at work. In my opinion, they just decided to step collecting signatures rejected as naisilneyshy candidate who can oppose itself to the candidate from the authorities. "

Within the boundaries of the electoral terrain Glubokoe neighborhood number 22 — part of the former Western and Eastern Belarus. Bidder for deputies Jaroslav Bernikovich reports that in the east Ushachi police began detaining collector of signatures:
"On Glybochchyne we trample feet, walking from the apartment to apartment. Ushachchine A — untrodden area. There game, people stroll and collect signatures. Maybe it is some kind of hostility. Also put pressure on members of my team. From Because of this some of them, who works as a master, refused to work in the group. Did it after him to come back to the head of the local branch of the KGB. " Tags: elections, the opposition, the registration

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