Now — the 124th anniversary of the birth of a day or General Bulak-Balakhovich (photo)

The Polish capital Belarusian students congratulated funny day of birth Stanislav Bulak-Balakhovich his grandson, also Stanislaus — he lives in Warsaw and distributed specially made for the occasion of this solemn date poster.

Poster for days of birth Belarusian General

Avgen: "Now there is a lot of thoughts about the person for whom waged war Bulak Balakhovich. We’ve met and talked with his grandson here in Warsaw, and we know that the general fought for Belarus. Because our duty — to keep in mind about it "
Pronunciation our radio Belarusian student from Warsaw Avgen.
Soon Belarusians living in Warsaw a couple of times honored the memory of General Balakhovich — the plaque that installed near the place where he was killed on the spot and tasam barricades where balahovtsy defended Warsaw from the Nazis in 1939.

Belarusians about plaque near the site of the death-S.Bulaka Balakhovich

A sign on the spot on the street barricades balahovtsev Graetskay in Warsaw

Immediately shares in Warsaw celebration also occur in Ukraine and in the Brest region, where soldiers are buried army Balakhovich. Now young people in Brest laid flowers and lit candles on the graves balahovtsev.
Anastasia: "We have a cemetery in Brest fighter Balakhovich, there stands a cross and the inscription also in Belarusian in honor of the fallen soldier," — said Radio Liberty Belarusian Anastasia, which adopted the role in the present action in the Brest region.

Stanislav Bulak-Balakhovich — archive photo

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