Nuclear physics has come to the food industry

Institute of Nuclear Physics. Budker in the last 40 years produced about 200 boosters, many of whom are still working in the industry, said the deputy director of the Institute Gennady Kulipanov, Interfax reports. "However, if before 1990 80 accelerator was delivered in Russian and Soviet republics, after 1990, we delivered 12 accelerators in Russia, and the rest in China, Korea, India, the United States," — said G.Kulipanov.

The amount purchased by the country accelerators can, in principle, to testify about the pace of innovation development of economy of these countries, says G.Kulipanov. At the same time, he explained, accelerating technology currently has many applications.

In Hungary, for example, by means of accelerators ensure the safety of vegetables, a so-called electron-beam pasteurization in the U.S., this method is practiced in the processing of products for fast food.

"India is focused on electron-beam processing of all spices" — said G.Kulipanov.

In Russia, this method is not used, he said. "We can, climate posurovey, or fast food is not as common as in the U.S." — he added.

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