Nuclear warheads at the level of fantasy

General Designer of the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology, Yuri Solomonov, the developer of strategic missile systems and the mobile silo-based RT-2PM "Topol", RT-2PM2 "Topol-M", the RS-24 "Yars", as well as sea RSM-56 "Bulava-30" , made a sensational statement to the news agency "Interfax-AVN." It is largely negates the warning of the State Duma and the Federation Council of Russia that if Washington unilaterally to develop such a missile defense system, which would be qualitatively changed the situation in this area, as well as significantly would violate national security and defense capability of Russia , then our country will come out of the Prague agreement.
And Solomon said the following: "Developed in the new Russian nuclear warheads of intercontinental ballistic missiles will be able to overcome all existing and future missile defense system." And further: "In 2010, we conducted a unique operation that helped to fundamentally new step in the creation of a new type of combat equipment, which is the result of the integration of the combat equipment ballistic type with individual means of its cultivation in return for so-called bus to combat missiles". According to the designer, the development of a "general supply point for all the talk about our struggle with the non-existent missile defense alleged enemy."
Yuri Solomonov said that "almost 30 years ago, we talked about the possibility of implementing such a scheme warheads as science fiction. And last year we have this science fiction first embodied with a positive result in life. " He explained that now "the rocket as a whole practically ceases to exist at the end of the last stage of the march."

Clarification of Developer «Topol" and "Bulava" that the existing strategic missiles have a huge plot of breeding warheads in order to have a unique ability to engage (in the case of MIRV) multiple targets with one missile, removed a significant from each other distance. How exactly this will happen behind the scenes. Subject equip strategic nuclear missile systems as we do, and in the United States is very sensitive about her pending distributed. Nevertheless, we know that the many-headed missiles, and we have this P-and R-36M2 36MUTTH "Governor" or SS-18 Satan by Western classification, with ten separated nuclear independently targetable reentry (MIRV), UR-100NUTTTH, or SS-19 Stiletto, with six MIRV, and their naval "sister" — "The blue" — RSM-54, or SS-N-24, with four independently targetable warheads, while the U.S. — ground Minuteman III Mk- 12 and Mk-12A with three warheads of individual guidance and marine Trident II (D-5) c announced six MIRV, "shoot", or to throw their nuclear units after the end of the third stage of the rocket sustainer and on a downward trajectory (final part) flight to the target. The same principle of "bus", which said Yury Solomonov.

But now there are other options. The so-called planning warhead. That is, the nuclear warheads that after dilution fly to the target is not a ballistic curve like the ones we talked about before, but horizontally, something like cruise missiles. Which, of course, is of great complexity of the interception of missile defense systems, as their radars tuned to support targets flying on ballistics. True, it is somewhat reduced its speed, which is not good for the defense to overcome. They say that such a warhead is on a close-coupled missile system "Topol-M". It can be assumed that such nuclear warheads placed on the RS-24 "Yars". And on the RSM-56 "Bulava", according to some publications, the principle of "bunch of grapes", when the warhead separated from the breeding unit, rather than simultaneously at a time. In this case, too, are changing the flight path and that also sounded in the words of Solomon, have the ability to hit targets far away from each other.

Of course, all of these systems against strategic targets could theoretically greatly complicate actions missile defense system, if not reduce them to zero. And if all this is true, says Chief Designer "Topol-M", "Yarsa" and "Bulava", there is a legitimate question: why talk about the inadmissibility of the U.S. establishment of a strategic missile defense, the inseparable link between strategic offensive and strategic defensive weapons, Washington's dire warning about the possibility of Russia's withdrawal from the Prague Treaty, if the development of its missile defense would threaten our strategic deterrence forces? And the words of a "new arms race"? Maybe there is only policy and no real military threat?
Let us add that the general designer of the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology said in an interview to "Interfax-AVN," that a new nuclear development — "is itself not an easy job, it will take several years," and noted that the development of the new combat equipment will be used experimental rocket "Topol-E." The letter "E" is not an export option, as in the title of the operational-tactical complex "Iskander-E", and, apparently, "Topol experimental."

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