Oil to Belarus goes to old prices

Russian companies will supply oil to Belarus at a cost last year — about 240 dollars per ton. But she already would include export duty — $ 53 per ton. In the oil companies themselves to comment on the agreement shall be removed, citing commercial secrecy. The representative of the company "Rosneft" said that under the new conditions of the oil will go to Belarus from the first of February.
Belarusian economist, managing center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk believes that Russian business will not make yourself unprofitable conditions:
Romanchuk: "But during this period the price on the world market fell. And could Hope not to preserve the ancient level of prices, and to reduce the price. And here we are to anything not agreed. And second, this is what we need to pay 53 bucks more duties, and that is that the price increment of petroleum products on the domestic market, and the fact making significantly less likable oil exports from Belarus. "

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