Oil war lasts

Oil confrontation between Belarus and the Russian Federation entered into the latest phase. At a meeting of the Board of Technical Russian company "Transneft" approved the draft of the Baltic Pipeline System. It includes the construction of a pipeline bypassing Belarus. Oil goes to Europe Unecha (border with Belarus) to the Baltic port of Primorsk. Means the amount of bandwidth increment special Marine Terminal at 50 million tons of oil. Explains the company’s vice president Sergei Grigoryev:
Grigoriev: "This proposal was manufactured even during the crisis in January. Then "Transneft" proposed a set of measures, including and expansion of the Baltic Pipeline System. We appealed to the government. Such plans, so as not to depend on third-country nationals in the oil transit. Wedo everything, so as not to depend on a third country and of the processes that take place there. "
According to Grigoriev, Vladimir Putin has approved a package of measures proposed by the company and requested "Transneft" and the government to develop this route. This Russian President said at a press conference nedavneshney:
Putin: "I have already given instructions to the Government of the Russian Federation, and" Transneft "has actually started to work on a plan to expand the terminal in Primorsk. Additionally, 50 million tons of oil. This is a meaningful way to reduce our dependence on transit countries."
On February 12, the road construction is estimated 896 people come out for prospecting. This is quite a challenging project will be implemented over time can be kutsee. Vice president Sergei Grigoryev said:
Grigoriev: "We have already bypassed one day Ukraine, bypassed at one point, Chechnya, built Baltic Pipeline System … And during a crisis president said that if we start the construction, we need about 14 months to all complete. And about that cheap … See, Our homeland Belarus pay about 4 billion dollars once a year. "
The Belarusian side responded to these plans increase transit fees for Russian oil. According to the decree of the Ministry of economy, they will take effect from February 15. The representative of "Transneft" Sergei Grigoryev said that this is a continuation of the policy of Belarus, which determine the first of January. But the company has not received an official report. Whereupon "Transneft" has yet to sign an additional agreement to the previous contract.
Grigoriev: "We will put additional tariff oilmen who must disburse. They all agree. And only later, when the oil is agree, we sign an additional agreement with Belarus — and only if the new rates to go into effect. "

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