Oleg Korban and Dmitriy Fedoruk in an American

Activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Haretski, which yesterday arrested together with 20 other six members of the organization, said, "Freedom":
Gorki: "We believe that our friends against Oleg Korban and Dmitriy Fedoruk filed criminal cases. So makarom, it appears that the three people in the "Young Front" are in the political amendments, which he brought Alexander Lukashenko first last year. These all detentions and landing, of course, indicate, that power very wary of youth. We will be watching to see what happens around Dmitri Fedoruk and Aleh Korban. When Oleg and Dmitry arrested, "Young Front" will hold rallies demanding the release of their own friends. "
Recall, February 4, police detained about 3 x 10-s members "Young Front" when they conducted a meeting of the Central Council. Middle of the detainees were heads of regional branches of the organization. The police district of Minsk Russian KGB investigators interrogated guys.
Dmitri Fedoruk separately derived from the structure, pulling his jacket over his head, put into a car and taken to the KGB.
Aleh Korban detained at home, where he and his friends celebrated day of birth. While the Young testified in the police, in the apartments of activists KGB raided.
Underage Anastasia Palazhanka 6:00 held in police custody. As she walked to freedom, called her ancestors and told her to come home. There she expected the KGB.
Palazhanka: "Forced to turn off the phone. They took very many things: systemnik from the computer, a lot of old papers, all sorts of notebooks, even all telephone books, flash, drives … They asked what I wrote in the letters Dashkevich. When they started their view, I said to them: "Why do you it mattersete? I am sure that all copies of the letters you have to lie here and there. "They vsmihnulisya and uttered that, indeed, they do not need the letter. But from Dima were memos that he wrote while he was on Volodarka. Here they and their taken away. "
KGB officers searched the apartments of Aleh Korban, Dmitriy Fedoruk, Alexei Yanushevski, Jaroslav Hryshchenya. They were that operate within the framework of the criminal case.
Activists of "Young Front" believe that intelligence operations was intended to intimidate the other day youth shares. Malady argue that, despite the repression, gathered at Freedom Square on 14 February and that the action "Love! Freedom! Change!" Will anyway.
Favourite united opposition Alyaksandr Milinkevich favorites and Democratic parties have expressed support for the Young.
In the photo: Oleg Korban and Dmitriy Fedoruk
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