Olympic fire is already in Beijing

Beijing absolutely immersed in the Olympics: it will open officially on August 8 8:00, 8 minutes and 8 seconds.
Beijing International Airport — would beehive. Weave volunteers greeted guests around the clock. Sure that their smirks slightly flatten hot weather — plus 35 at very highest humidity. Blue sky over Beijing is not visible — it is tight thick haze, through which the sun can not get through.
Parish Olympics and felt in the capital’s roads. Drivers who are not very keen to adhere to traffic rules has become more familiar concept of congestion, because the left lane only given to Olympic transport. In the town of flags hung everywhere with Olympic symbols. Traffic signs are also full of information about the Olympics cooked.
Surprisingly, I have not seen while either 1st bloodless dog. Maybe the dog that did not have "registration" scared the huge influx of visitors. Although, most likely introduced by the organizers of the Olympic Games to eat meat quarantine dogs led appropriate services to remove four-legged friends away from sin.
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