On Friday, the Belarusian Olympic medals await

Which disciplines before results can show the highest representatives of Belarus — learn from Igor Corneille. So who expect coaches and leaders of the Belarusian delegation?
Already several days not subside discussion around successful performances in the semifinal heats Belarusian kayaks and canoes of different calibers — from singles to chatsverak. Hope first Alexander Zhukovsky that the preparatory step came first, as Bogdanovich brothers who own zaezde were second. Expect a positive result from the quartet and canoeists. Projected three-time Olympic champion in veslavanni Parfenovich, with rational embodiment piggy team of Belarus can be extended at least 2 medals. First starts — within a few hours.
Suddenly shone medalevaya perspective and discipline where Belarusians are not observed the highest fruits — decathlon one of the most complex tests. At least, some hope that after yesterday’s launch settled 22-year-old all-rounder. After the first 5 attempts, among which 100 races and 400 meters, high jump and long Kravchenko while in second place with 2 between the Yankees. Now — 5 more types of competitions. Important fact that Andrei Kravchenko-second in the world according to the results of the season.
It can be assumed that the respective expected results and in Rhythmic Gymnastics — after, yesterday gymnasts were fixed in the first place.
In this personal discipline to count now the second qualifying day for the final stretch teams will qualify on Saturday. After a day or in the first exercise with ribbons Belarusian team really in the first place. Backs Belarusians Chinese women. Will it keep the championship — not undertake to say even well-known representatives of this sport. Repeated global and European champion pershynstvav Eugenia Pavlina says that disaster for the team would be possible no matter what obvious mistake:
"I do not want to disappoint you, but even the second exercise for anything did not utter. Main struggle unfolds in the third day of performances. A qualification? What qualifications? Can be first, and then make one mistake and did not even enter one of 10. So there is something difficult to predict. But very experienced gymnasts in the top three were exactly and pershynstvah Europe and the world. All in their abilities as they passed a year, and all Time wasand in the top three in all competitions huge — and at the Grand Prix, and in Europe, and the World Cup. Anyway, expect from their awards, they planned a Sports Ministry medal. "
Eugenia Pavlina added that second place Chinese women — is not the best character. At home theydo everything, to win. Feeble consolation may be perhaps not the best form of Russian gymnasts, who for the team of Belarus, by Pavlina are always awkward supernitsami:
"Our homeland, in any case, as I beheld the last competitions in Minsk a few months back, not too far in immaculate shape. And if they also perform at the Olympic Games, it is not surprisingly that they are not yet even in the top three. A Chinese woman on last Olympics, it seems, were fifth. Because it says for itself — at home on their side even higher power. outcome may seem totally quiet. "
Yesterday added disgusting mood fans those from whom until recently expected mobilization. First fell short of expectations Belarusian sprynterki — in the relay race 4x100m quartet Belarusian showed the worst outcome remained groove end. If so, what was the addition to the 4×400, then this sensation Athens Olympics Yuliya Nesterenko is unlikely to be able to count on that already.
Unpleasantly amazed fifth world number systematization in table tennis Vladimir Samsonov, which fizzled, failing to even really start. Defeat — already in the 2nd match. On the other disappointment we had read before, and the main of them — woes velyatreku eight times world champion Natalia Tsilinskaya.
For a day or three before the end of the Olympic Games Belarus occupies 24th place in the overall standings medalevym, the day it was aggravated by four positions. Is there any reason to improve the situation — it will be clear in a few hours.

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