On the grave of the poet commemorated M.Yavara

He lived only 30 years and committed suicide in 1933.Correspondent "We are in the village Minyavichy, where the poet lived. There has also been preserved house where he lived. Near — saves the Niemen, there is a large stone engraved with the words, dreams Misha Javor. And here pear under which he shot for their breasts. Why poet selected his own life? On this — Ales Zarembyuk
of Bridges. "Zarembyuk
"Misha Javor had TB, it was in those days an incurable disease. Misha also Yavor adored lady Mikulavu Janis Ivanovna, who also lived in this village. She, knowing that he is hopelessly ill, refused to take him marriage. Magazine, "The Way of Youth", which published poems M.Yavara, situated suicidal poet subsequent article:

"24 June this year, sitting on the bank of the Neman near his native village commune Minyavichy Lunnenskay Grodno district pistol shot cut for themselves a life young Belarusian poet Mikhail Yavor. Poet’s sister, apparently anticipating something bad, watched his brother, and when I saw that he wishes to take life for himself, he wanted to prevent this. But it was too late, because the gun is oriented in the chest shot. Though a bullet in the heart is not horrible, but has led to the fact that on June 27 Yavor Misha died in Grodno where he had been transported to the medication. "Correspondent
"The grave of the poet is in the cemetery of the village Padbarany that closer to the Lunar. How was it found? Knows ethnographer of the Lunar Leonid Karpovich."Karpovich
"The grave was lost, the place was not clear understandable. But in the case of finding the burial place of Alexander took M.Yavara Belokozy. He interviewed relatives, people from adjoining villages, and on the basis of their responses led to the place. Landmark there was, But once stood an ancient chapel, from which remains the foundation. Thanks to this burial place M.Yavara first monument was erected in oak, which for a long time defined this place.

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