On Tolochinschine — a wave of suicides of young

The peculiarity of the situation is there No drug addicts with AIDS or other deadly ailments. Young galoshavtsy more mess and suffer from social injustice, lack of relevant perspectives. I spoke about this member of the Central Design Bureau Petrushenka Nicholas, who has studied the problem of when not once ran from local electoral neighborhood.
Here is the story of the soft-spoken 14-year-old child Amelin:
Petrushenka: "When he was trained in the 8th grade, his classmates traveled to Minsk, in" McDonald. "And he, having worked all summer shepherd, funds are not received. Mama has not won, and he had nothing to go. When friends told, as well, he immediately went to the apple tree and threw herself loop … "
Knows milkmaid Zinaida Pavlinich:
Pavlinich: "My neighbor Fame, 15 years old, my mother — a teacher. Send kids to the club, and in the morning my mother comes:" You have my glory? "And then I went into the case on the road to shorten the path., I see a boy hanging . And came — my neighbor. I yelled: "Slavik hanging!" Father ran, cut, and he’s already dead … "
Petrushenka: "I know what they were this boy constantly reading a book," The Bible for the children ", where he wrote as well a person is in heaven when he dies, so there will have a meeting with Christ. "
Perhaps more frightening in Galoshave believe the incident with the 24-year-old Yura Zarovkam. Youth acted deliberately and literally sober for a long time without finding a solid job. A specific prerequisite was the latest case, as it is called here, intoxicated by the mother of terrorism-alcoholic.
Pavlinich "Mom saw, came to the farm, he took away all the wages he worked, and she drank. A Farm agents gave the same …"
Meanwhile, in recent years of 130 able-bodied in a village just under two 10-ka working on the dairy complex "Zaozerye." Others leave or take to drink, get in jail.
I met a 23-year-old Galoshave Alexander, who came on after a day or so called "Chemistry", which served two years and three months for "fun," he says, matter.
Alexander: "sit on the 214th article — for stealing a tractor. To drink and the girls wanted to go. I’m going to Russia …"
In one of the rooms nedavneshnih official newspaper "Our Talachynshchyna" published figure of suicides that occurred in the area — in another world left 20 people. Horrible leadership in number of those who are at a young age, they say, contains Galoshava.

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