Operation of aircraft Tu in the special squad Russia has shown that they are reliable and efficient

Experience of aircraft grade "Tu" in a special flying squad / SLO / "Russia" has shown that they are reliable and effective. In an interview on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the founding of Tupolev said deputy chief of the Russian president Igor Jaremenko.

"Engines are characterized by high levels of fuel efficiency. On airplanes used digital avionics. Our machines virtually no way inferior, and in some respects even superior to their foreign counterparts. Primarily on reliability, as well as to the fitness for use in a Russian airport" — said Jaremenko.

Speaking about the technical side of the issue, Jaremenko noted "the existence of multiple duplication of almost all onboard systems and controls aircraft, which greatly improves the reliability of equipment and ensures a high level of safety." "Feel it can be stated that the margin of safety of aircraft created by Tupolev, allows you to continue operating without major difficulties in piloting technique and the ability to complete a high-security" — said Igor Jaremenko.

"Thus, practically throughout the existence of the flight of the special forces aircraft Tupolev played and continue to play a key role in solving the problems before flying squad" — said Jaremenko.

In the Arctic Ocean, "Russia" operated 19 aircraft of various modifications of the Tupolev design. In particular, the airliners Tu-204 — since 1994, Tu-214 — since 2002.

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