Opposition are not allowed in dorms

Precedent happened a week back. After the scandal pickers signatures while still missed the hostel, but yesterday — no. These cases have become a cause for complaints to the prosecutor.
Vahtorka that the team did not miss yesterday Kovalenko, explains its deeds experience last election campaign, when residents complained dorm Tipo: signature gatherers violate their peace. As for today’s election, then …:
"I have not heard about any campaign. I had no instructions from above. We do not warned. Annotation I did not violate her. What the election this company? Why not spend campaigning for all candidates who are running, not the one th? "
According to a member of the active group Oksana Samoylovoy, vahtorka behaved very tough:
"I think she is naturally aware of the fact that occur elections. We are not the first activity of the group, who visited the orphanage. She does not know that there is a corresponding law, she breaks it. She was used to the old one custom of saying "no" — and all. Say, I’m sitting here, I I have the right you will not miss all. "
Local policeman, who was called to help pickers signatures, promised to investigate the conflict.
Complaint on the first incident, which took place on July 30, prosecutors already inspects the Leninsky district of Mogilev. Igor Kovalenko requests administratively liable commandant hostel. Vahtorki still said that she ordered Tipo miss the hostel only business, the Group Chairman of the regional public association "Belarusian alliance of Afghan War Veterans" Vladimir Vasilenko. This competitor Igor Kovalenko. As for yesterday’s option, the bidder will also complain to the prosecutor, district and central Election Commission.

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