Opposition Communist cause in the Supreme Tribunal

Conflict between the ministry and the opposition Communists continued from July last year. The party claimed to transfer to the Ministry of Justice list of its members: they say, you need to check whether it has one a thousand people. Under current law, it is the minimum that is needed for the activity political party in Belarus.
Secretary of the Central Design Bureau Lena Skrigan that the list of handy quite a different reason:
Skrigan: "To affect our party members through work, through the executive committees. Initially, by the way, these lists from us claimed executive committees. We were refused. Then it’s a requirement of the Ministry. We resisted for a long time, appealed to the Supreme Tribunal, because, by law, to seek a detailed list of all members of the party can not. But Supreme Tribunal decided that the Ministry has the right to. And the same day we passed the Ministry of Justice on the list of fifteen hundred. After this happened and what we have been waiting for. Lists hit the local executive committees. And there was a real party members against our company. "
The Ministry of Justice reports that one and a half thousand tested about two hundred signatures invalid.
Lena Skrigan disagrees. She says that some refuses to confirm their membership in the party, fearing reprisals from the authorities. But they remain in the PKB, pay fees:
Skrigan: "Everyone called, interviewed, asked to confirm in writing their membership. Many people make sure to go to the PBC. Getting involved in this police. Policemen walked from door to door, went to work. Well, of course, what a feeling to a person when it comes to evening policeman and angrily asks: "Are you a member of the Communist Party of Belarus?". People really intimidated. Senior prystrashvali states that withdraw from their pension (like this: you are in opposition, and retired from the country get?). A lot of things happened. "On Friday, February 2, opposition Communists filed with the Minsk City Department of Justice Tribunal to the executive committee of the capital, which is already three times the urban party refuses to register a company. Having the party organization in the capital — an indispensable requirement political party, it follows from the new law "On Political Parties. "

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