Ordered to push. And plant

Now Alexander Lukashenko went on a trip in the Minsk region, where the "battle for the collection." Week reversed in Brest since Lukashenko explained to feature today’s harvest: "Until a couple of people not put — do not understand."
Segodnyaschy task — to collect more than 8.5 million tons of grain. In past years, even the smallest treated plans — from 5 to 7 million tons. Last year Belarus farms were collected 6.7 million tons of grain.
In the official report said today in its first week of harvesting campaign has collected two million tons of grain. Meanwhile, the Committee has identified municipal control and the first registry in the Brest region.
While no one planted. Grodno region at that time was already dead one person.
Lukashenka: "Bread is now worth more than gold"
Now Alexander Lukashenko helicopter circled Menschinu, so bird’s-eye view to behold, as is the "battle for the collection." Already on the ground managing the governors of the country criticized for the slow pace of cleaning, whereas outlined the most important task — to collect a record collection in the history of Belarus.
"My milkmaids get 600 bucks. During the six months’
Or real this year can be collected for a record fee of Belarus? How effective land policy of the authorities? Why agricultural workers earn less than all, and how to survive?
Belarus lost arable land
During the reign of Lukashenko agriculture lost 720 thousand hectares of arable land.
M. Light Brown: "Belarus has ensured food security"
With all of this Belarus not only to ensure their food security, and earn on global food decline.

V. Starovoytov: "In agriculture, everything is kept on Chemistry"

During the first week of harvesting average yield of about 36 quintals per hectare. This 5.5 centners more than last year’s number. Already projected yield at 2004 — the most successful in the history of the sovereign Belarus — and even higher. At what price grow characteristics?
Leonov: "Such planning Registry inevitable"
In the official report says that during the first week of the harvesting campaign has collected two million tons of grain. Total Ministry of Agriculture and Food aims to 8 million 700 thousand tons — it is much more than planned in the past.
"I gave you for the rain!" Land Quotations Lukashenko
Inevitable sacrifices in the harvest?
In the Leeds area in the harvest mechanic died. Why does every harvest in Belarus is not without casualties?
Battle for the collection: from 6.00 to 24.00
Harvesting in Grodno in full swing. Per 1 ton of grain combine namolochennogo pay two thousand rubles.

"Look what is happening in Alexandria"

"Our G. is going to plant a few ears of people. G., you’re in the past year were in their own native land. Look at what is happening in your agro" Alexandria ". Burned 900 tons of hay."
Copied German harvester — went Belarus

Above 1100 combine harvesters sent into the harvest and production association "Gomselmash". Currently Combine park Belarus by 70 percent consists of exactly this technique. But the farms machine operators are willing to work on an imported vehicle.
Operational information on the progress of the harvest. Data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food

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