Our plans — collect 6500 signatures

Jaroslav Bernikovich going to run for candidates by Glubokoe constituency number 22. This district includes areas of 3 districts — Gluboksky, Usha and Dokshitsky. On the potential candidate that participates in the parliamentary election campaign is already the second time, local voters are very willing to vote for his nomination: for a day or four members active group collected 1,320 signatures.
Bernikovich recalls that he himself collected signatures during the past election campaigns — for example, on the nomination of presidential candidates Seeds Domash and Milinkevich. But activist Glubokskiy not remember that his countrymen were so active. In his view, to subscribe for the Democratic candidate justified hope for the best and sharp discontent life today: signatures, people often complain about the cancellation of benefits, rising prices, the reform of school education.
If the activities of the group will gather Yaroslav Bernikovich planned 6.5 thousand signatures, it will mean that the opposition candidate for the nomination of one in ten voters spoke of his neighborhood. On the same district, by the way, is going to run and today Chairman of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee Vladimir Andreychenko.

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