Painters honored St. Roch

Its members are almost medieval patron unhealthy and miracle doctor St. Roch, whose naming won this church.
August 16 — St. Roch day memory. And This year the first time a group of Belarusian artists decided to hold open-air church about the name of the patron and protector of patients in misfortune. In stock assumed the role of eight painters and graphic artists, who put about 30 of his own works. Some of the works on display in the lobby of the Palace of Arts, and some — on the walls of enclosure around the church courtyard.
Pioneer of plein air — Eugene Shuneyko art that is already a couple of years tries his hand at painting. In this exhibition he put seven own work, and they are all dedicated to St. Rocha.
"This exhibition 1st weather which brings up the image of our modern Roch and a believer, and the viewer, as the image of this burning own mercy for mankind."
Two huge canvases introduced viewers Palace Art Director Sergei Kryshtapovich, who took over the organizational chores current shares.
"Roche prayed and helped those who were ill, and hopelessly ill art should specifically at the moment to do the same function and the role assumed the holy people time. "
One of the members of the plein air painter young Sergei Shemet not so long ago had a huge personal exhibition in Krakow in the program days dedicated to John Paul II. Oh, so he talked to him in the work of its appeal to the Christian history:
"I’m curious to look at the biblical story, but in a modern way. Do not do graphic biblical action and catch the main point of this action and to explain it to the viewer in a modern way."
Plein air chamber came, but they say the organizers, now — this is just the beginning. In the following years, as the sovereign promises Kryshtapovich, they bring it to the wider creative forces:
"On subsequent year I’ll be glad if it becomes international action, as whole world need to bail out those problems and diseases that overwhelm the world’s population. So we are convinced there will be many painters of other states, and will try to do a good action. "

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