Paul Seviarynets awarded a literary prize named after A. Adamovich (photo)

If the other statesah tsentravskaga PEN Award is awarded to the best halls of the capital, in the presence of literary to political circles, the Belarusian criteria celebration took place in a remote village Sitna small, in the walls of Special boarding school, where he lives in exile today laureate, politician and publicist Paul Seviarynets.
Road to Small Sitna neblizkaya and places here absolutely deaf. Here that said by this occasion one member of the PEN delegation tsentravskaga writer Lavon Barshcheuski:
Barshcheuski: "Truly speaking, I myself polochanin occasionally when dayazhzhav to the northern border with Russia. And if you go here, different thoughts come to mind. In the 21st century man in such a method of trying to wean his views."
But here on the road vzbivaetstsa hill, around the bend and shows a bunch of village houses. Laureate met guests — and they were members of PEN Center from Minsk and Polotsk — Special boarding school on the porch. And immediately, without undressing, honored guests Paul diploma. Presented its first vice-chairman Belarusian PEN Center Andrei Skurko.
Skurko: "This diploma Belarusian PEN Center shows that Paul Seviarynets given dignity Literary Prize winner Ales Adamovich for a series of essays," Letters from the forest ", which represent the standard catchy modern Belarusian journalism."
But that said on return diploma novelist Vladimir Orlov.
Orlov: "Award for what you did here and you create. But even this award and for your bravery."
Seviarynets: "Thank you, sire Vladimir Thank you so much, dear friends, this is a big responsibility because Ales Adamovich was the man, which is terrible for Belarusians 20th century defined the Belarusian response to militarism, state oppression, for oppression of the Belarusian. And to receive the award, named in honor of such person, certainly, a great responsibility. "
Farewell to the winner was aching. Shaking hands with guests, Paul Seviarynets said:
Seviarynets: "Dear friends, Thank tremendous! Doskorogo Goodbye Hope doskorogo bye in the wild already!"

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