Periodontal Diseases

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Bleeding gums, teeth stagger, besides bad breath. We are not talking about an epidemic of scurvy among sailors of the XV century. This is a modern disease periodontitis. Gingivitis, periodontitis and periodontal disease — the most common currently periodontal disease. Most adults have certain attributes of these diseases.

Parodont — A complex of tissues that surround tooth and ensure its fixation in the jaw bone. This complex includes the gums, periodontal ligament that connects the root of the tooth to the bone recess, maxillary alveolar bone and bone cement the root of the tooth. With some diseases may be affected as a separate periodontal tissues and their entire complex.

Gingivitis (Inflammation of the gums) andPeriodontitis(Inflammation of the periodontal tissues) — these are two interrelated forms of the disease, as the inflammatory process occurs first in the gum tissue, and gradually it involved other periodontal structures. Most often, they are developing in the presence of tartar, dentition anomalies, defects, dental prosthetics, and are the result of poor oral hygiene (irregular or improper cleaning of teeth, etc.).

Alveolysis — This degenerative process in the periodontal tissues, the cause of which is currently unknown. Disease develops slowly and is manifested in the first place, exposing the roots of teeth.

Diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease has been doctor-Periodontist. Modern dentistry has a large arsenal of treatments for diseases Periodontal, From hygiene events to physiotherapy. However, the most reasonable not to wait for the appearance of the disease and prevent its development. The best preventive measures of periodontal disease is a thorough daily brushing and regular (at least 2 times a year) visits to the dentist.

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