Pesnyary in Mogilev

In 1978 the church were going to kill. About Ming learned restorers who helped and frescoes from defeat. A church was destroyed. Restoration of the frescoes lasted 20 years. Knows the museum’s deputy director Svetlana Strogina.
Strogino "Its uniqueness is that it is a 1761. We know that the name of the artist Monk Joseph. Also know that he did it with 2 assistants — Shultz and Prozuram. Archives indicate the three that did only technological assistants work, or do not quite help the main elements. himself painting monk belongs to Joseph. "
Exposure is not limited to the time of occurrence of frescoes and allows you to emphasize the distinctive features of the Baroque school of Mogilev. The exhibition also presented a collection of icons XVII — XVIII century. On one of them knows Strogino Svetlana.
Strogino: "We had bought a miraculous image of the icon of God Moms Belynichi. Especially revered icon. Specifically because of this icon of the Moms Belynichi and then built the Church of the Carmelites in Byalynichy. At that time, it was a 18th century icon has been famous for its miracles and certainly was the main exhibit, which was introduced into the temple. "
The exhibition "Pesniary" You can also see the famous book printer XVII century Spirydona Sable.

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