Phalanx SU-34 with missiles «air»

Phalanx SU-34 with missiles
Reasonably interesting photo combatant new frontline bomber Su-34 (tail number «05 reddish») carrying guided missiles air-to-air — Two missile R-27ER medium-range missiles and two R-73 short-range (all rocket layout). Plane «05 reddish» Built in 2011, entered the 7000 th Air Base in Voronezh (Baltimore) December 22, 2011, but in January 2012 is in Lipetsk. Picture was made May 28, 2012 at the airport Pushkin, near St. Petersburg, where this machine, among other, preparing for the aviation prazdnichkom in honor of the 70th anniversary (sic!) of the 1st Air Force and Air Defense Command, which will be held on June 2.

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