PKB 18 members want to fight for parliamentary seats

At the congress of the Party of Communists Belarusian attended by 60 delegates from 63 elected. First heard the information first secretary Sergei Kalyakin PKB about the situation with the formation of election commissions, candidates from the United Democratic Forces. Then he began to open a discussion party delegates prepyadstviya. eventually the Congress PKB was nominated 11 candidates on constituencies (where account structure), and 7 more vpribavok party members — from Congress. Knows the first secretary of the PKB Sergei Kalyakin:

"The method of collecting signatures are all the 18 candidates, 12 men have gathered signatures for today. More on the four candidates there is no doubt they are already at the finish. According to two districts have a problem, but I’m sure that all the candidates will gather the required number of signatures. On Today, our 18 candidates have already collected 20 thousand signatures. We aim that 25 thousand signatures were collected (with supplies). And we hope that this work not only during the campaign to use, and later we will work with these people, as a possible base for our fans. "
And fundamentally interested delegates to the Congress and perceived party platform for the elections, added some items relating to the environment, the substitution of the contract system on lifelong employment contract. Congress PKB in accordance with Article 21 of the Political Parties gave the 51 members of the party to protect the interests of the party in the municipalities. Secretary of the Communist worldview PKB Lena Skrigan:

"Overall I am satisfied with the fruits of the Congress. Notwithstanding the fact that the technical congress, was intrigued by the deepest of all the participants in the results, in the discussion of disk imaging during the election campaign, the issues that open a discussion: it is a platform for the parliamentary elections, and giving party members opportunities to represent the party in the municipalities, in the courts. Such protection friendly and party must people. "
Sergei Kalyakin assured that all candidates of the Party of Communists Belarusian will go to the end, no withdrawals or boycott the election the other day will not:
"We work with people when we invited people to support us, so they voted for us, and then we’ll take your nominations to us just these people turn. Because I believe that the withdrawal of candidatures will not add us certain abilities, on the contrary, we will lose these abilities. Because you have to go through. "

Today our 18 candidates have already collected 20 thousand signatures. We aim that 25 thousand signatures were collected (with supplies)

At the Central Committee plenum PKB, which was held immediately after the congress, decision Lena Skrigan bring the CEC in an advisory capacity. Communists also decided to appeal to the court with a claim to Alexander Lukashenko, BelTA Beltelearadiocompany and protection of business reputation Party — July 4, head of the country during a visit to "The Strip Stalin" scornfully expressed adresok party and municipal media disseminated by this information.

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