Plant Sale. No buyers

Expose the plant for sale forced him difficult financial situation created after the introduction of new standards for bottled water properties and competitiveness for markets.
As told the fund "Magilevablmaemasts" wanting to buy drinks plant in three months was not found.
"There was not involved because competition was not held. Founders While considering the forthcoming implementation or another method verbovaniya investment in the development of this company," — said the employee fund.
Total authorized capital of the company is estimated at four billion rubles. Above 66 percent owned joint-stock company "Mogilevkhimvolokno", and about 34 percent — agro-trading enterprise "Wayne."
What forced the owners to put background plant for sale?
"The company is not bad, but there are already kind of outdated equipment. Necessary to invest a lot of money. Products, speak out, not very in demand. While, of course, looking for investors. Many came, looked, but so far no one directly. Well, of course, there are conditions, "- said the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee.
The future owner must retain jobs and social benefits to employees for 5 years, also raise the creation of products to be comply with international standards of the property.
Mogilev economist Peter Migursky notes that viewpoint bureaucrat explained these conditions, but it is necessary to take into account the investor enthusiasm. For him, the main thing that the company works and makes a profit:
"If they are certain social programm not only to frighten, and plow the owner or potential investor, of course, on these criteria nobody will. Now abilities infusion of capital in the world a huge amount. Only Belarusians do not wish to be aware of. We think that we the most important here and that will flow investments themselves. Unfortunately, this is not so. "
According Migursky "Veynavskaya source" had a beautiful ability to win its own niche in the market of mineral water:
"Veynavskaya source" has a very good production and economic history. He time took second place after the "Triple" the soft drink market. That came out recent years — it asks for further analysis. "
It is understood that in March introduced new standards for bottled water properties. By their companies were forbidden to purify water hlyaravannem. More stringent requirements imposed th to other methods of cleaning it. Experts already foreshadowed that new standards will affect the work of bad seventy percent of such companies.

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