Police seized computers from the apartment Cabinet Secretary BPF

The doorbell rang at 22.30. Three civil introduced police officers. Vladimir Kishkurno said "Freedom" details of the events:
Kishkurno: "I started to ask," Why are you doing without warrants searched here? "And they," We do not do a search, we do for all. "I told them was that if doing a review, just staring. If you want to write something, let him write, but can not dig. Nay neither witnesses nor permission of the prosecutor. I said, "Andrew, take a paper and write down their names." Then they calmed down slightly. "
Vladimir Kishkurno in the police department of the Central district of Minsk give a written explanation of why visiting fellow party Andrei Sarotnika own. Explained to the police did not arrest Kishkurno background. At three o’clock in the morning he was sent home. Andrew Sorotnik testified before the fifth morning. Computers and media disk imaging investigators did not return. All things remain in police custody.
Favourite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka not exclude authorities may institute criminal case on artificial charges. In his view, the incident may also be an attempt to intimidate the opposition street the other day vernal shares.
Vecherko: "I think this may be the first and the second. The most important thing for me is that all words Lukashenko addressed Raru, Van der Linden and other gullible Europeans have nothing to do with their everyday practice. This is a continuation of the policy of the war with the Belarusian democratic forces are independent Belarusian forces. That it was aimed directly — to intimidate or to begin criminal proceedings, etc., I do not know. Can be — whatever. "
Andrey and Vladimir Sorotnik Kishkurno said Radio Liberty, they will file a complaint to the prosecutor acts policemen.
Recall that in August 2005 KGB members visited civilian initiative "third way." They raided the homes and took carriers of information. Then they had the sanction of the prosecutor and acted in accordance with the criminal case for insulting Alexander Lukashenko. Computers to This time remain in the prosecutor’s office.

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